Orca Alpha dam 2021

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Orca Alpha 

Alpha är dräkten för dig som är simmare och är hyllad för sin flexibilitet. Om du har bra teknik och inte vill att din dräkt ska begränsa dig i din simning är Alpha den dräkt du ska ha!

This combination of innovative technologies makes the new Alpha the most elastic wetsuit on the market.

The obvious choice for Natural Swimmers, those who have a background in swimming and have a good swimming technique.

Focus on what really matters: Swimming without limitations.

Maximum Flexibility
The combination of 0.88 material and Yamamoto 44 neoprene provides maximum flexibility, ensuring greater stroke distance.
The Nano SCS coating will minimize water resistance as you glide through the water, improving your hydrodynamics and performance with each stroke.
Decreased Buoyancy
Because of the use of thinner and more elastic materials, this wetsuit will help you maintain a more neutral and correct position for longer.
More Freedom of Movement
The reduced buoyancy and the use of a shorter reversible zipper offer full freedom of movement, so that the wetsuit feels like a second skin.